Because Life Doesn't Slow Down

I've lost count on how many times I have told myself, "After [insert event] happens, I'll start blogging again." So, here's a picture summary of the month of June.

Schola Summer Academy 2008

Four days with the most amazing group in the world, Schola people :)
Church History, poetry, dancing, music, and lots and *lots* of laughter.

Schola Great Books Class of 2008

Four years of online-classes together, and now we all meet in *person*. And it's an experience that defies words. The Summer Academy ended, but our GB-IV group drove 10 hours together down to the wonderful state of Texas. We had a few more days of absolutely wonderful time together. We invaded Wal-Mart, went ice-skating, danced (everything from jazz routines , fairy reels, and cha-cha!). And star-gazing... so many memories, I couldn't possibly write them all down.

In short, some of the best days of my life.
I miss them all, a *lot*.

Some of the best people in then *entire* world, my adopted sisters and brothers :-D

Back at home, family visits took over the schedule.

And then! Another very good online friend, Joy, came down and spent the week here. Again, an absolutely amazing time. We adopted her - can't you see the family resemblance? ;-)

We miss you, Joy. =)

Also within the same week, we had our end of the year recital with our piano/voice teacher. In a program of around 15 students, 6 of them were SNs. 'Twas fun.

After the recital

I spent the rest of the month reading, constantly looking back at the numerous pictures from OK/TX/Joy's visit, and actually (gasp!) talking on the phone to very dear friends. I miss them all; the transition from smiling faces to typed words isn't all that easy, but I'm ever so thankful for both.


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