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Finishing Milton

Epics! I received my fall semester reading list for Torrey sometime in June, and after scanning the book list, I couldn't stop smiling. I love, love these books. I thought of reading them during the summer, but quickly discarded the thought. I had already read them, so maybe this summer should be for non-Torrey books. But then I thought a little more. My amazing literature teacher, Mr. Callihan, always asked us to read, at the very least, portions of these books aloud. These books were meant to be read aloud. They are poetry. College schedules probably don't leave too much time for slowly reading through the books. (I think.) So, I made a summer goal: to read through all the epics out loud.

Last week, I finished the last epic, Milton's Paradise Regained. It was such delightful summer reading project.


New Favorite Book



We stared with wonder.

"A thunder storm in July? It can't be."

The thunder flashed and the lightening roared. The grey clouds traveled towards us. The sound of thunder mingled with our conversation. We laughed and talked about everything under the sun - my friend, my Mom, and I. We lost track of time.

Towards the end of the dinner, we gathered the white plates and plastic water jug and looked up at the sky. A double-rainbow stood out, clear and bright against the darkest clouds. I told Mom about my favorite passage from Morning and Evening.

"Jesus Christ is... the covenant Rainbow, displaying all the glorious hues of the divine character and betokening peace. To the believer, when his trials and temptations surround him, it is sweet to behold the person of our Lord Jesus Christ—to see him bleeding, living, rising, and pleading for us. God’s rainbow is hung over the cloud of our sins, our sorrows, and our woes, to prophesy deliverance."

Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening, August 12

I talked with Mom. The rainbows not only prophesy deliverance, they prove that we are delivered. We will face grey clouds and thunderstorms. We face them now. But not alone, never alone. We have a God who loves us enough to send colored streaks of light after a storm, and even more so, He sent His son to bear the storm.

Mom smiled. We went inside.

And the storm passed over us.


Castles in the Sand


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