She's back from Afghanistan, safe and sound. And we were all together, even if only for a little bit. I love all the real smiles in this picture.



The raindrops form bright, clear pieces of glass on the dark branches of our trees. We have had strange weather lately: rain and grey skies for the mornings and most of the afternoons, but just around evening, it all clears up to reveal skies and colors that take my breath away. The sun causes a faint, gold glint in the windows of my neighbor's house. White clouds leave long trails on the hills, and hints of the snow-capped mountains can be seen. I watch as the sky slowly changes from the deep oranges, reds, and purples of sunset to the cold blue of dusk. My siblings are all home by now, either reading, emailing, or doing last-minute homework. There's a quiet around the house. I step outside for a moment and watch my breath make small clouds in the air around me. Here, at least, there's peace.




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