Documenting Life, Part 2

For Jacqueline
I made you a cookie. But I eated it.

I love the hollyhocks.


Documenting Life, Part 1

Last Tuesday, Hannah needed motion pictures, so we took colorful scarves and twirled like little kids. Okay, so Faith and Grace twirled, I just stood still.

This is our room :) Grace is sitting next to her bed, Faith's has the bright Mexican blanket, Hannah's is the far right, and mine is the corner jutting into the picture.

The beautiful Grace Anne

Every day we have trappist hour, an hour where we go off alone someplace and write in our journals. I spent yesterday's trappist hour just wandering the Callihan's land.

The lovely Hannah a-trappist-ing


Quotes from a Tilt-A-Whirl

"Faith brings with it the only possibility of peace and joy in this world - the only possibility of laughter on this mad, mad ride."

"If we live in art, struggling in the boundary between the shadow and the light, unable to see the whole, how can we begin to judge?

"In this story, the sun moves. In this story, every night meets a dawn and burns away in the bright joy of the morning. In this story, Winter can never hold back the Spring.

And my favorite.

There is a crushing joy that crackles in every corner of this world. I am tiny and yet I am here. I have been given a senses, awareness, existence, and placed on a stage so crowded with the vast, so teeming with the tiny, that I can do nothing bu laugh, and sometimes laugh and cry.

Living makes dying worth it.

(All quotes from ND Wilson's Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl. Wonderful book)


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