Portraits, II

She has a gentle strength that amazes me.



some days are just simple
bread and butter, please
all this growing, being, who we are
and the moments in between


St. Crispin's Day

The weather seems perfectly fitted for the day. It seems as if Southern California has finally decided that autumn just may stick around for a bit. The clouds keep on rolling in. I love the way the cold, grey light falls over the piles of books and papers I have on my desk.

It's paper-week for us students at Torrey. And although this song really is perfect for anytime, its triumphant epic-ness of it seems particularly suited to this day and this week.



The Way I See It: Growth

It was The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring with live music. Live music! The film played through a projector on a huge screen, and right below it, the orchestra and choir played through the entire film. Pure beauty.

I've been thinking a lot about how beauty makes us grow. Seeing beauty is definitely a growing experience, but I struggle with how to explain it. It's a growing deeper into the world and ourselves, a type of becoming. The growth that beauty brings is unquantifiable. It pushes and pierces and prods us, until we reach a state of surprise and wonder. We become more human after encounters with beauty, after beauty makes us grow.

Just the day before the concert, I watched Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life with some friends. It is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen (and actually deserves an entire post for itself). At the end of the film, there was a wordless wonder that we all felt and a growing of our friendship that we shared this piece of beauty together. I felt the same way after the Lord of the Rings concert. Beauty helps us grow together, as friends and as humans.

Growing in beauty is something that seems just out of reach for our words.

(The Way I See It is hosted by Molly at Close at Home.)


Even in the smallest places

but wait, oh wait
see how the morning breaks
it's the simplest of love songs, but it's all our hearts can take

and though we lose our stake
heaven is where we make it
even in the smallest places, can a garden grow

(Lyrics from Garden by Noah Gunderson, my newest favorite music artist)

(also, listen to the beautiful Honest Songs)


Somethings small and very beautiful

patterned raindrops

watching worlds

autumned colors



The Way I See It: Peace

Peace feels familiar in the newness of the morning. I love watching the sun-patterns in my house - seeing the blue light fade and the gold light come.

This is the time of quiet. I can hear every step I take and fill the silence with words, not my own, but belonging to the prayers of old. Peace.

This afternoon, peace came when he fell asleep in my arms. Babysitting for six hours has its ups and downs, but this welcome moment made it all worth it.


And sometimes, peace comes when I least expect it. I've been sick lately, even more than usual. Insomnia makes for some very, very long nights. In the middle of those nights, when I've exhausted myself with crying, I'll grab a blanket and try to catch a glimpse of the stars outside. City lights don't allow for too many, but the few I see, they're enough. Enough to remind me of plans bigger and greater than myself, of His faithfulness and His love.

There, also, I find peace.


(The Way I See It is hosted by Molly at Close at Home. Next week's theme is growth.)


The Way I See It: Evening

I always feel slightly guilty if I'm not outside during this time they call 'golden light'. I love the way the calm light settles over everything, turning yellows to golds and greens into emeralds. I would spend hours with this light. It only lasts for so long, though.

To the hedge on the side
And the light in your eyes
To the quiet long walks
Of fast-moving time
let evening come.

"Let it come, as it will, and don’t
be afraid. God does not leave us
comfortless, so let evening come."

(First verse is mine, then a direct quote from Jane Kenyon's Let Evening Come.)

The Way I See It is hosted by Molly at Close to Home. This week's upcoming theme is peace.


Sunday (small) Joys

I can hear each key that she types. It's a strange Sunday evening. We have the house to ourselves - two sisters, a labradoodle, and a very lazy cat.

I'm shelving encyclopedias back into our overcrowded bookshelves while she persuades herself to stop tumblr/youtube-ing and to start studying for precalculus. I'm definitely enjoying her internet adventures. She has wonderful taste in music (listen to this).

I should probably be studying also, or at least, preparing for the week. Instead, I spent most of this evening looking through delightfully random words in our encyclopedias. Wikipedia can't compete with the beautiful heavy weight of these books or the smooth, smooth feel of the pages.

Of course, when paper time comes around, I probably won't be spending much time with these particular gorgeous books, but for this Sunday night, I'll enjoy every minute with them.


Midnight Taco Runs

As soon as we were hungry enough, we jumped in my truck, along with two willing siblings, then headed towards the nearest taco stand. It seemed like a small beacon on that darkly lit street.

I tried to catch that joy that comes in between their laughter and their smiles. But pictures can't catch their breathless giggles or the smell of fresh carne asada or even the small splash of water (was it soda?) that fell on my face when my sister started laughing mid-sip.

Tacos just taste better at midnight.


Portraits, I

There's a simple beauty to her.


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