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Greek To Me

A couple days ago, I was studying my physiology textbook, memorizing the definition of homeostasis. My Greek reflexes kicked in homeo 'same' - stasis 'state'.

And then suddenly two words came to mind: homoousious and homoiousious.

At the first ecumenical council, the Council of Nicaea, AD 325, the bishops worked together to understand Christ's nature. Athanasius said that Christ was of homoousious with God, of the same essence/substance. Arius, on the other hand, wanted to add an extra iota, making the word homoiousious: similar essence/substance. At the end of the council, Arius was declared a heretic, and the word homoousious was used.

I brought my mind back to physiology: focus, focus, focus.

Then my mind wandered again, isn't amazing that the same word, homo, should have such huge significance in Church History? And then that very same word is used to describe the amazing way the body works. It's all entertwined, all part of this glorious life here on earth. I love it when my separate classes blend into each other, literature and language, history and science. It's all so, so, so wonderful.


Simplicity O'er Clutter

Two whole boxes of clothes, OUT of the closet!

And from underneath the bed? Yep, two garbage bags full of stuff. Collecting every scrap and paper for the last 16 years isn't the best recommendation for a clean room. ;-)

It feels so nice to have order and simplicity. It really is freeing.

And! The best part?

There's more room for BOOKS! (Sisters are *not* happy about that, heh).


There And Back Again

The cool night air slowly enveloped me, the leaves rustled in the distance. Madelaine stopped talking for a moment to ask, "Is it just me or is the sky getting... lighter?"

I looked up. We haven't talked that much, I thought and ignored the sky.

Then the stars started disappearing. We had talked through the night. I still can't believe we did that - but it was so wonderful! When the sun came out, we shared cups of tea, then started the day.

(We paid for it with glossy eyes and not-so-alert dispositions that day, but it was definitely worth it.)

My family had never visited our dear friends before, and so, it was our family road trip/vacation. The days were too short, but the time we spent together was unbelievably sweet and unforgettable. Here are some pictures of our time together...

The original W/SN duo, my best friend and sister, M

Duo number 2

Duo number 3

And there was one more duo, but apparently we didn't catch them on camera. But! Friendship didn't only grow between the individual twosomes, but between our families. Mealtimes were absolutely the best, likewise with the movie-watching.

Working together to make Scottish shortbread


= Lykkelig

We spent the day at the river.


Isn't *beautiful*?

Mommy asked me while we made the 8-hour drive back home, "Was it worth it?"

(Due to the weather change, I had a rather horrid break-out of both eczema/arthritis.)

Yes, yes, a thousand times, YES.



How is it that we find the greatest sense of joy and peace in the midst of pain and suffering?
Through His grace and tender loving-care.
Praise Him for His sovereignty!


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